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 Roster of Officers and Directors

District Name Office Contact Information
1 Tony White President carolinawoodsman65@yahoo.com
6 Kevin Myers Vice President myerswildlife@windstream.net
2 Matt Bishop Secretary matthewgbishop@hotmail.com
2 Joey Smith Treasurer dodgeram1986@exede.net
1 David Denton General Organizer dentonwildlifeservices@gmail.com
6 Katie Kobersy Asst. General Organizer katie_kob1987@hotmail.com
5 Harold Dorsett Asst. General Organizer ibsmokpol@gmail.com
3 Dan Hunt Membership Secretary big10pt@gmail.com
3 Robert Webb Merchandise Coordinator catman1959@gmail.com
5 Todd Menke Education Coordinator minkster1971@gmail.com
6 Josh Biesecker Newsletter Editor squirrelshot1981@yahoo.com
3 Nelson Pearce NTA Director nelsonpearce@att.net
District Directors
1 Marco Gibbs Director waggs.mg@gmail.com
1 Leary Sink Director obxfishnuts@gmail.com
2 Council Burney Director cburney1@yahoo.com
2 Claudie Taylor Director claudie.taylor4@gmail.com
3 Vernon Thompson Director thompson0319@gmail.com
3 Nelson Pearce Director nelsonpearce@att.net
4 Dan Jones Director shagdan@atmc.net
4 Wiley Royal Director Wileytraps@gmail.com
5 Tonnie Davis Director tedsoutdoor@gmail.com
5 Harold Dorsett Director ibsmokpol@gmail.com
6 Richard Hinson Director creekboat@ctc.net
6 Terry Marsh Director terrymarsh885@gmail.com
7 Scott McNeely Director scmcneely@mcneelypest.com
7 Robert Newsome Director sgtnunu@yahoo.com
8 David Allen Director chiseltooth08@yahoo.com
8 Dwayne Robinson Director dwayne@dswildlife.com 
9 Adam Deckrow Director adamd828@hotmail.com
9 John Caldwell Director artoncaldwell@yahoo.com
 Other  Contacts:  
3 Colleen Olfenbuttel Furbearer and Black Bear Biologist colleen.olfenbuttel@ncwildlife.org

5 Billy Holland Education Resource Officer hollandbilly53@gmail.com

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