The North Carolina Trappers Association is pleased the following lineup of demo presenters for the 2016 convention.  Combined, these trappers have hundreds of years of trapping experience and trapping knowledge:  

Newt Sterling – New Jersey

Living in the no steel trap state of New Jersey, Newt has mastered the snare trap. Newt has trapped in eight different states from New Jersey, to Texas.  Newt has also helped states understand how snares work and his knowledge has helped to write and pass snaring laws in those states. With snares in NC being legal state wide for beavers, the Snare Master himself will share his knowledge and skills demonstrating how you can help fill the fur shed, and catch those summer and deep swamp beaver. Mr. Sterling has a full line of videos and a trapping supplies store. To read more on the Snare Master go to Snare One at: 


Mark June - Texas

A biologist by education, Mark is well known for being able to pile up incredible catches of coyotes and bobcats in multiple regions across the nation. Originally from Michigan, he has honed his skills during a trapping career that includes trapping predators in many different states, being involved in multiple coyote research projects, being an instructor at Fur Takers Trappers College, producing market leading lures and baits for thirty two years, as well as authoring state of the art predator trapping books and DVDs.


Casey Payne - New Mexico

Casey is a full time trapper, cowboy, and retired bull rider. He has raised hogs, cattle, and bred bulls for the PBR and Jr. Bull riders. Most of Casey’s coyote trapping is during the trapping season where he averages around 500 coyotes per year from four different states; one year he caught 800 coyotes when he was able to live market the coyotes. He will catch more coyotes in a year than most folks will catch total critters. Casey has been making his own baits and lures for years but has just started selling his personal line of high production baits and lures.


Rusty Johnson – Georgia

Rusty is a born and bred GA boy. He started trapping coons at the age of 12 and caught his first coyote, bobcat and grey fox the following year. He has been hooked ever since. Now 50 years old, and loving every minute of it, trapping, that is, not being 50! Rusty has been blessed to trap with his partner and friend, Mark June for the last five years. He helped Mark with his bobcat DVD and his most recent coyote DVD, “Reducing the Numbers”.  Rusty is a full time ADC trapper and has been running multiple long lines for 13 years. Just recently, he started selling his line of bait and lures. He also has served as the GA NTA Director for a number of years and serving on the FBU board for the last 5 years.  “I'm just trying to do my part to keep trapping alive and well for the next generation.”

Kevin Myers - North Carolina

Kevin is a “Master Water Trapper”.  Kevin catches several hundred muskrats and raccoons annually, usually trapping multiple states.  In addition, he is a licensed NC Fur Buyer and fur processer. Kevin is also a Wildlife Damage Control Specialist.  Kevin will demonstrate the methods that he uses to put fur in the shed.  Don’t miss this one!


Scott Dean – Virginia

Scott Dean is a professional trapper from Elkton Virginia, who runs the highly successful D&S Nuisance Animal Control Service. He is the inventor of the "Trough Set", which enables a trapper to make one set with the same trap placement for all species no matter what their size. Scott was called a "Trapping legend in his area of the state" by the Trappers Post Magazine. He has also written a book on fox trapping which shows how to make the set. Ron Leggett said of the book" I have never read another instructional book on the live market with such detail. He also wrote "Scott's knowledge of trapping and his willingness to share is unprecedented." 


Claudie Taylor – North Carolina

Claudie has been trapping for over 63 years and started trapping otter 54 years ago.  He has averaged over 100 otter a year for many years with a top annual catch of 183.  Claudie has also produced a video, "Killer Otter Trapping Techniques," that has been very well received. His master trapping skills are not limited to just otter.  Claudie is one of the best beaver and mink trappers in NC and surrounding states. He did beaver control trapping for over a decade before his retirement from USDA and continues do beaver management today.  And when Claudie goes mink trapping, mink is what he brings home. His passion for water trapping is very evident.  Watch the master trapper share his knowledge, skills, and techniques for trapping beaver, otter and mink.  Your fur catch is sure to increase. 

E.J. Barbour – North Carolina

E.J. has 41 yrs. experience skinning, fleshing and drying all types of furbearers while working for Barbour Fur Co. Inc. He worked there as laborer, manager and fur buyer. E.J. also works as a Wildlife Damage Control Agent specializing in beaver.  His many years of experience in the fur shed processing thousands of pelts allowed him to refine his methods to minimize the time required to skin, flesh and board pelts while maintaining the quality to maximize the value of each pelt.  E.J. will share his method of skinning, fleshing and stretching fox and raccoons using wire stretchers.

Morgan Bennett - Maryland

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