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This is the place for the NCTA to recognize legislation that could affect our trapping heritage, the affect could be positive or negative.  In any event, we need to have a voice in the matter.  Furthermore, this page is a place where trappers can find out what legislative actions and events are taking place across the state and the country.  If you see something not listed, contact your local District Director.


Update on NC Fox Legislation - SB485

Unfortunately, SB485, Livestock and Wildlife Protection Act, has met some resistance in the legislative process. As you may remember, this bill has 3 main goals: 1) Create a Lifetime Trapping License. 2) Create a Trapper Identification number for use on trap tags. 3) list fox as a furbearer with authority given to the NCWRC.

Both goals 2 and 3 have met with resistance and the bill is still in the Senate Agriculture Committee.  The NCTA legislative committee and lobbyist have removed goal 3 in hopes that we can still achieve goal 1 and 2 during this legislative session.

There have been several other legislative achievements made in 2017. The NCTA lobbyist has made considerable progress educating the House and Senate legislators about the NC Trapper's Association and the many issues related to the lack of a statewide fox trapping season. This education is crucial to establishing a statewide fox season, as well as all future legislation affecting NC Trappers. To this end, NCTA VP, Kevin Myers and NCTA General Organizer David Denton, participated in the annual Wildlife Focus Day for the NC General Assembly on June 6th, 2017 at the legislative building. At this event, they handed out informative flyers and spent time talking about the close correlation between having a statewide fox season and the growing coyote population.

North State Journal – June 6th, 2017 
"There is no greater love for wildlife than an outdoorsman. You can talk about all the PETA people, and animal rights activists, but nobody loves wildlife more than hunters and fisherman." 
--Kevin Myers, North Carolina Trappers Association

Please get involved with your House and Senate representatives, as well as the NC Wildlife Commissioners. Introduce yourself, build a relationship by understanding what is important to them, and attempt to identify ways in which you can support them. After a second or third meeting, you can share what is important to you. We MUST start building these relationships now, to improve our future successes! 

The NCTA Board of Directors remains committed to try to establish a statewide fox trapping season. Efforts will continue to establish local county fox seasons. In 2017, Davie and Yadkin counties became the 42 and 43 counties to have a local fox season. If your county does not have a local fox season and you would like to help establish one please let us know if you are willing to attend county commissioner meetings as we will help walk you through that process.

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